The Legend of MYTHIX

In a time long before all things there was a group of beings known as the Mythix.

These beings were the creators of reality itself, and were responsible for the four most important things in the universe: Life, Death, Power and Instinct.


The Mythix were powerful indeed, but were hungry for more. Each of them created a storyline to represent their purpose, and these stories became worshipped by the primitive peoples of earth through Greek, Egypt, Celtic and Norse myth. As the belief in these myths grew, so did the strength of the Mythix! The Mythix became drunk and blinded by it. Foretold in a great prophecy, an evil force unseen by the Mythix corrupted the story lines, and the human’s belief.

Using all of their combined remaining energy, the Mythix recruited a mortal champion and imbued him with their power over the myths to fix the story, restore mankind’s belief, and raise them to their former glory!

This is where your story begins. You, the chosen Champion, must help the great Mythix regain their strength, restore belief in the myths and reinstate balance amongst the Mythix. If you do not help the Mythix, this evil will rise up and destroy all of the great myths causing time itself to unravel. Prepare yourself for the greatest journey ever taken, because it’s time for you to become the tale, the lore, the legend!