Human kind has not been given fire so you must rise up to fix this myth and restore balance to time. The Greek mythology employs great creatures and gods to fight for you. You can use the gods to smite all enemies and win any battle that you come across.

Death is not a thing to be trifled with in Egypt. When the evil Set overthrew Osiris from his throne, he scattered his body throughout Egypt. Isis, his wife, must find her husband and restore his body so he may retake the throne and rule over the souls of Egypt!


The Celtic mythology is one of life and the earth. With the help of Saint Patrick, you must defeat Crom Cruach, the keeper of the otherworld, who has decided to take the land of the living for himself on the night of Sam Hain!


Loki has somehow taken control of Asgard and all of the gods cannot remember that he is not their rightful leader. Even the great Odin has fallen under his spell. You must restore the timeline and return Odin to his rightful place on the throne!